So…taking a break from your workout…not a fan.  Definitely not a good idea for me, anyway.

This past week has been more challenging mentally than physically.  It wasn’t that I was having trouble doing my work out; it was finding the motivation to do it that I had a hard time with.  I simply didn’t feel like it, and it was only knowing that this moment of truth was coming and reading the experiences of my friend Kim that kept me going.  It was a definite testament to what I already knew and to what the point of this week’s devotion was about: we can’t do it alone; we are strongest together (Hey, Clare! 🙂 )

Since I know motivation is a problem for me, I’ve been trying to come up with some ways to help me stay on track.  This challenge with Peak 313 is the first way.  Knowing I have friends doing the same challenge and checking in with them will be a big part of it.  Nothing like a little positive peer pressure to keep me doing right.

Also, in this month’s issue of Health Magazine, there was a feature article with Alison Sweeney (aka: Sami Brady, Days of our Lives and the host of The Biggest Loser).  In it, she gave thirty days worth of slim down tips (one tip per day), and there were a few that stood out as perfect for this particular challenge I’m dealing with:

Number 13: Plan tomorrow’s workout–now.  Ali suggests that you make exercise an appointment like any other.  I’ve heard her talk about how she is so busy that if she doesn’t put exercise on the schedule, she will be tempted to skip it all together, and I can definitely relate to that.  If I don’t commit to doing it, I’ll be too tired after work or running errands at the end of the day and wanting that extra half hour of sleep in the morning, so exercising turns into an, “Oh well.  I’ll catch it tomorrow.”  While allowing yourself not to be perfect is smart so you don’t get discouraged, too many of those imperfect days turns into just not doing it at all.

Number 15: Next time you struggle to get through a workout move, think, “Results!”  This is a big one.  I’m not a person who just enjoys working out.  I’m not a gym rat, never have been, never will be.  I like a good, brisk walk, but anything that has to do with weights or toning or causing that concentrated muscle pain?  Yeah; not my thing.  But, I do like the results.  I do like how I feel when I’m exercising regularly, and how doing that one good thing makes we want to keep doing other good things.  Next time I’m yelling at the instructor on one of my dvd’s tell me to “push it,” I’m going to try to remember that it is a “necessary evil” and keeping going.

Number 16: Put out your sneakers tonight to taunt you tomorrow.  Good point.  If my workout gear is packed and sitting by the door, I will grab it on the way out.  If I have to come back for it later, there is a good chance I’m not going to leave again to use the treadmill in the gym in the front of my complex.  Just the way it is.

Goal for this week is to plan ahead.  Gym bag is already packed and in my car, and I have my exercise time already penciled in its appropriate spot for each day this week.  Onward and upward!

A beautiful thing: a clear, starry sky