The other day, I was at the gas station filling up my car.  At the pump in front of me was a man filling up his van.  I usually try not to stare at or otherwise pay too much attention to people around me (besides ascertaining that it is a safe situation for me to be in), but this man caught my attention, and I watched curiously.

He was staring into the darkened back window, laughing and smiling and making silly faces.  Suddenly, he took a quick breath and then he rested his hand with fingers splayed flat against the window, a look of rapt adoration filling his eyes.  Just before he turned away, a huge smile stretched across his face.

And then he caught me watching him.

The smile flew from his lips, he immediately looked embarrassed, and he started trying to act rough and gruff as if nothing had happened.  I don’t think he could’ve pulled away from the pump fast enough!   😀   It’s too bad he couldn’t hear what I was really thinking:

That’s OK, Dad.  Go ahead and love your kid!  🙂   7434-baby-cartoons-child-children-dad-daddy-family-father-infant-