Have you ever felt like God is trying to tell you something?  Like he’s trying to tell you things that you don’t want to hear, so you keep trying to ignore Him?  And the harder you try the more He puts the issue in your face?

Yep.  I’m there.

How do I know?  Two different people who don’t know me (or each other, probably) let alone the secrets of my heart have used the exact same phrase to describe a flaw in my character that I’ve already been struggling with.  Watch the following video from Ben Ward’s “Don’t Be the Fat Husband” YouTube channel,


and read the article from Mandy Hale’s “The Single Woman” blog and see if you can pick it out.






Did you catch it?

Yes;  He’s saying to me, “Kelly, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

I’m immediately transported back to my childhood to times when my mother was telling to me to do something I didn’t want to do, and I was pouting about it like a two-year old.

“It’s not going to kill you,” she’d admonish.  I knew better than to back talk or resist further, but inside, I would be stamping my feet and defiantly asking, “But what if it does?”

Since Mother knows best, she never had to answer that question.  🙂

But my point is that I don’t like being uncomfortable.  Do any of us, really?  I mean seriously.  When was the last time you thought to yourself, “Wow.  This situation is really uncomfortable, and I love it!  Let’s find another uncomfortable situation and do that!”

Um…never, I bet.  That’s why it’s uncomfortable.

In being uncomfortable though, we grow as people.  When we endure or work through something that is uncomfortable, we come out stronger on the other side because we learn from it and build on it for the for new and more challenging situations that come our way in the future.  “The pain we endure today is the strength we rely on tomorrow.”  I don’t know who said that, but they are spot on–even if it is an uncomfortable truth.

So, I hear you, God.  I know there are several areas in my life in which I can put this philosophy to practice.  Please help me learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and to look for the lesson I’m supposed to learn at the end.