I know not everyone is religious, Christian or celebrates Easter in a religious way, but I am and do, so please indulge me as I take a moment to honor this Easter Sunday in one of my favorite ways: with music.



While Easter is foremost a solemn religious holiday for me, it also marks the long awaited beginning of Spring.

And trust me, Spring is always long-awaited in my family.  😉

It seems appropriate that the rising of Christ from the dead should mark the beginning of a season of new life.  It gives me so much joy and peace to look around me and see the grass turning green, the budding of trees, blooming of Daffodils and to watch robins fly around with nesting materials in their beaks.  It is refreshing to feel the rains that come and think of the growth that they will bring.  Feeling the warmth of the sun on my body feels like a balm to my weary, winter-worn soul, symbolizing that even the most difficult of times have a blessed end.

Spring makes me wonder what will be new in my life.  What kind of growth will I go through this season?  What new things will I experience to facilitate that growth?  At another time, the thought may bring with it a feeling of dread and apprehension, but not in Spring.  Spring gives that notion a feeling of hope, a dream-like quality that says, “All things are possible.”

And I can’t wait to see what they are!

Happy_Sprin cgSpring Wallpapers 15Happy Spring!