I wish our girls knew that this is OK….

By Kyle and Kelsey


Girls, love and respect yourselves.  Even when it’s hard–especially when it’s hard.  Don’t give in because the world says you should. 

I know it’s hard.  I do it everyday.  And I have people in my own family who think my sister and I–and our brothers,too– are…innocent, sheltered, not at all street smart…and they pity us a little–even though they never actually say it to our faces. 

It’s hard not to buy into that message, hard not to start believing that maybe they’re right.  Maybe there is something wrong with me.  It’s hard not to believe that anyone I meet wouldn’t understand and would think I’m weird too.  That maybe trying it their way wouldn’t be so bad. 

But at the end of the day, I’m Me…for better or for worse.  I can’t do it   someone else’s way; it has to be mine. 

And maybe–just maybe–that’s not so bad.